Managing Board

Managing Board

It is the task of the Managing Board to ‘manage’ the company. The members of the Managing Board collectively manage the company and are responsible for its performance.

The Chairman of the Managing Board leads the Board in its management of the company to achieve its performance goals and ambitions, and is the main point of liaison with the Supervisory Board.

The Managing Board of NWM N.V.

Harm Bots - Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Managing Board

Mr. Bots was appointed as Head of Strategy for NatWest Markets (formerly known as Corporate and Institutional Banking) and has been serving as a member of its Executive Committee and Risk Committee since April 2015. He was appointed as Chairman of the Managing Board of NWM N.V. on 1 November 2017.


Harm has been developing and overseeing the implementation of the NatWest Markets strategy including a radical restructuring of its business model, refocused country footprint and managing towards smaller resource base. He oversaw and delivered a number of large transformation programmes within the business to ensure strategic goals were met.


Harm has been with NWM since 2008, when he joined through the acquisition of ABN AMRO. He was appointed as Director in GBM Strategy in 2010. Harm held prior to that several customer facing positions including roles in a number of countries in Asia. Harm joined ABN AMRO in 1999 as Management Trainee. Harm holds a Master degree in Finance from the University of London.

Cornelis Visscher - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Visscher graduated from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam with a degree in Business Economics, specialised in Financial Accounting and Management Accounting.


He started his career at ABN AMRO in 1988, where, after several functions in Divisional and Group Finance, he ultimately became responsible for the delivery of ABN AMRO’s Group Management Information.


Following the acquisition of (parts of) ABN AMRO by the Royal Bank of Scotland, Mr. Visscher became Head of Group Consolidation, in which he was responsible for the split of the ABN Amro accounts between the Consortium members.


Furthermore, in 2011 Mr. Visscher was seconded to Edinburgh where he became Head of Financial Control for the Retail & Wealth, Corporate and Business Services Divisions of RBS Group. In this role, he was amongst other responsible for the Offshore programme.


As of 2013 he is CFO of NWM N.V. and a member of the NWM N.V. Managing Board. In addition to this role, he serves as CFO for NWM Netherlands Branch and in this role is part of the Country Management team.

Marije Elkenbracht – Chief Risk Officer

Ms Elkenbracht brings 22 years of experience in various risk and strategy roles in Abn Amro and NIBC. Before joining NatWest Markets Ms Elkenbracht was Managing Director Risk Modelling at ABN AMRO and member of the Supervisory Board of the Abn Amro Mortgage group.  Prior to these roles, she held the position of Managing Director Market, ALM and Treasury Risk also at ABN AMRO. Ms Elkenbracht holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Leiden.

Angelique Slach – Chief Operating Officer

After finalising her Business and Economics studies, Ms. Slach began her 21 year career at Rabobank’s international division. Starting in Technology, she fulfilled many diverse front- and back office roles within the international organisation. She gained vast experience working in Wholesale Banking and Capital Markets with her latest roles as Chief Operations Officer for Global Financial Markets, Global Head of Operations and Chief Innovation officer for Trade and Commodity Finance.

The Managing Board has three sub-committees, the Risk & Control Committee, the Asset & Liability Management Committee (ALCO) and the Disclosure Committee.

Risk & Control Committee

The Risk & Control Committee inter alia oversees the risk framework within NWM N.V., monitors the actual risk profile and advises the Managing Board. Its scope is credit, market, operational and regulatory risk within NatWest Markets N.V.

Asset & Liability Management Committee (ALCO)

The Managing Board has delegated to the ALCO the responsibility for the management of capital, liquidity, interest rate risk and foreign exchange risk. This includes, among other tasks, responsibility for reviewing, approving and allocating balance sheet, capital, liquidity and funding limits.

Disclosure Committee

The Disclosure Committee advises and assists the Managing Board in fulfilling its responsibilities for overseeing the accuracy and timelines of public disclosures made by the company. This inter alia includes reviewing and advising on the adequacy of the design and establishment of controls and other procedures, including procedures currently used by NatWest Markets N.V. in this respect.

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